Type: Branding

Deliverables: Brandbook, Mockups, Stationery & Website


Consulting company specialized in SMEs. Since 2008 they strengthen and take companies to the next level.

For this brand, we first created a professional and formal branding in which the company can generate its graphic applications such as stationery and website with colors that generate trust in its customers and that also help us communicate the different services they offer.

For the identity manual, we also created graphic elements based on the hexagon, which is an essential figure in the creation of this brand due to the meaning it has in its values.

We choose a colorimetry that helps us fulfill the two functions that the brand requires; Give formality and explain your products clearly to your customers. With the colors we create a professional stationery to generate trust and a business image for the Fortinc brand.

With the brandbook we began to design the website with geometric graphic elements that help us to divide its services complementing with the colors.